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A stunning 3ft x 7.5ft Canadian Maple dining stable with translusent blue epoxy.


This dining table is supported by a Canadian built, powder coated steel, matte black base that's as equally as uniqe as the slab it supports.


This table is hand crafted using a solid figured maple live edge slab. This table is build by hand, sanded, and finished with care. The live edges are turned inward toward each other, leaving all squared edges on the outer portions of the table. 


This piece has a matte finish on it using Rubio Monocoat which is a premium finish. Maple is a very solid wood which will last a lifetime and make this a heirloom piece that can be kept in the family for generations. 


Standard legs are rectangular box, trapezoid, or with a Zig Zag design, although custom designed legs are also an option. The base that this table is resting on is a custom designed piece that was built just for this table, making it a true one of one piece. These are all constructed with Canadian steel that are welded and powdercoated black. * Other powder coat colour options are also available. The legs will be shipped seperate from the table top, and will have all necessary harware installed on the table, so that they can easily be fastened with a few bolts that will be provided. 


Orders generally take 6-8 weeks from time of deposit, this timeline may vary depending on base type, and complexity of design. Because each piece is made by hand, this makes each piece a custom order made just for you and your family. Due to this, there are no returns or exchanges.  

Maple Dining Table w/ Blue Translucent Epoxy

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